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MeRT has helped patients improve their brain function, reclaim their lives, and feel passionate about living life to the fullest. Our goal is to help guide you through the process so you can make an informed decision about whether MeRT is the right treatment for you or your loved ones.

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    Absolute Contraindications

    Absolute contraindications disqualify someone from receiving MeRT treatment.

    These include pacemaker, defibrillator, vagal nerve stimulator, vp shunt/magnetic intracranial shunts, deep brain stimulator, epidural cortical stimulator, steel shunts/stents, cranial metal fragments (i.e., shrapnel, excluding titanium), cochlear implant, aneurysm clips, coils, pipelines flow diversion, pregnant or breastfeeding, primary brain cancer/metastatic legions in brain (unless palliative care), magnetic dental implants, implanted cardio-verter defibrillators (ICD), ocular implants.

    Relative Contraindications

    Relative contraindications require closer protocol attention and may or may not disqualify someone from receiving MeRT treatment.

    These include history of seizure or seizure disorder, titanium shunts/stents, spinal cord stimulator, hearing aids, ferrous cortical implants, magnetic ink tattoo, Bipolar Disorder Type I/II, Schizophrenia, Baha implants.

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